Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high-quality services to K-20 educational institutions, non-profit and social service agencies.

We provide external support to: small businesses, community coalitions, faith-based organizations, state and local government agencies with federal grants, and assessment/test publishing companies.

Individuals or foundations wishing to self-finance an independent project are within our service scope too.

Purpose: What We Do

We form partnerships with clients to accomplish their goals.

We collect and analyze data to produce reports, enhance products, or document program outcomes that have effects long after the contract is finished.

A contract is developed and signed before we start working. If the project’s duration is for more than one year, an annual work plan may be developed.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of seasoned Ph.D. trained individuals who are known for their scholarship and productivity.

We get excited about randomized control trials (RCT), single case and non-experimental designs, along with collecting collecting field data.

Theory-testing or logic models often serve as the foundation for our work.  We are passionate about creating new scientific knowledge that translates to best practices in the field.

Our Values

We value and are guided by the following principles:

Integrity – A commitment to gather reliable and valid information so results can be used to improve people’s lives.

Pursue Behaviorally Significant Outcomes – Engage in projects where outcomes are expected to be meaningful and significant for diverse populations.

Continuous Quality Improvement – Work to build organizational capacity using implementation science.

Accountability – A commitment to and shared responsibility for the quality of the activities and achievement of the goals being pursued.

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